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    1. Join the Leadnow community

      What would you like to mpaign on? You n start a mpaign in just a few minutes

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      Leadnow envisions a just, sustainable, and equitable nada, built and defended through the democratic power of an engaged public. Read more about our vision here.



      Leadnow runs timely and relevant mpaigns on the important issues of our time, from stopping climate-killing energy projects, to pushing for electoral reform, to fighting for more democratic and transparent trade deals, and more. 


      Through a combination of the latest technology and traditional grassroots organizing techniques, we're building a skilled, on-the-ground movement to supercharge our mpaigns and build lasting people power.


      As a people-powered organization, we engage regularly with the Leadnow community through online surveys, social media, videoconferences, face to face community gatherings and volunteer organizing. These regular interactions ensures our work is relevant to the issues our community of 400 000+ res about.